May 5, 2017 – What happened to the last 3 days?


Answer is not a Hunter S. Thompson orgy, FYI.  I thought initially that I would post something every day.   Turns out this packing the house and seeing friends and places for another time before the big launch is more time consuming than I imagined.  And of course I’d rather do the fun stuff than the packing stuff.  Or apparently the writing stuff.

My purpose for starting this blog when I did was to capture the experience of actual retirement and the start of the next adventure.

So here we are.  Today was a great shopping day and a day of anxiety.  Great to purchase play clothes to replace the work ones.  Anxiety as I realize that the days for packing our lives are ticking away.  Not sure why I’m procrastinating re packing.  Oh, bullshit, I know why!!  Who wants to pack crap?  Where’s the fun in that?  Damn it, I’ve been working all these years.  I don’t want to do this crappy work now that I’ve finally retired!!!!!!  Can’t we get someone else to do it?  Sure, for a price, and they won’t cull the junk……………

Fine.  Tomorrow is a packing day without shopping or building or loading the trailer.  Just focused on packing up our lives for an indefinite period.  Sigh.

Not every entry is going to be uplifting apparently.


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