9/12/2017 – Action Figures

Who doesn’t love action figures?  Admit it.  You know that’s one of the bonuses of having grandkids – you have a bona fide excuse to get your hands on their toys and PLAY!  Let your mind run wild with all the daring, bold, dangerous, exhilarating scenarios you’ve seen in movies and your dreams.

Action.  That’s what we’re made for.  Create things, build things, fix things.  Do.  Do more.  Why else have opposable thumbs and a brain capable of imagining all those things we can create, build, and fix?

So what do we DO when life throws those inevitable curves for which there is no action?

Death of someone once close is the current one for me.  Someone with whom I once shared my most intimate secrets.  The love of my life – at that point in my life.  A person who taught me how to love deeply daily.  He taught me to cook.  Expanded my knowledge of music.  We did the Times Sunday crossword puzzle at The Plume over an outstanding bloody mary.  He sang, I danced.

Our marriage was brief; the parting dramatic and painful.  Stunted attempts to rekindle those earlier passionate flames ended as you’d expect.

He hasn’t been in my life for many years.  The real love of my life is by my side every day now, comforting me today as I mourn the final loss of that someone who long ago made my life so richly different.

There’s nothing much fun about this loss and grieving process.  There’s nothing to DO to make it better.  Or maybe I’ve just taken an action step by writing this.

I guess we don’t have action figures for grieving.  Maybe we should have.  Might not be a big money maker for the toy companies.  Who wants to buy a toy to cry with?  On the other hand, let’s face it – there are a lot of baby boomers around and we won’t last forever.  Maybe there could be a whole new line of generational action figures to help our kids and grandkids deal with the upcoming loss and grief.  They could have memorial services or great remembrance parties (I’d like mine to feature The Rolling Stones).  They could help our loved ones talk about what we have done to enrich their lives.  I’ll start working on my pitch to Mattel (do they still exist???).


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