8/14/17 – Action Figures, Part 2

The lithe, long-torsoed beauty raced through the burning doorway, long, curly red hair streaming behind her.  “This way,” she shouted.  She looked back to make sure he was following.  But a spear of bright light blinded her in that instant.  A moment later she realized he was gone.

Frantically, she pushed heaving timbers aside looking for him.  There!  There he was under a fallen beam.  She raced to him, tossing the beam away.  Their eyes locked.  All the love and history and soul-sharing of their years together concentrated in that last gaze.  He left her then, his broken body now just the shell that had housed him.

“NOOOO!!” she screamed into the blaze around her.

She ran into the night, stumbling with tear-blurred eyes to the safety of the forest.

Or maybe this one:

He really did look pretty peaceful up there on the shelf.  What was left of him was in an urn covered with hand-painted stringed instruments.  The lithe, long-torsoed beauty ran a hand slowly through her long, curly red hair, remembering fondly his same touch on her hair.

She remembered a day spent cooking with him.  He had been slicing pepperoni to add to his famous lasagna.  She had walked to him and lightly put her hand on his arm.  A thrill as of electricity ran through her at that simple touch.  He had turned and passionately embraced her.

Now she knew she would turn to the friends and family on their way to help her start the next chapter of her life – the one without him.

Her sister was the first to arrive.  Sis had lush brown hair, pulled back into a full ponytail.

The two women immediately sat at her computer to plan the first of many escape trips. Beach? Metro? Ice? Anywhere to leave the present ache.

So the really cool thing about EmotiFigs™ is you don’t have to have them do all the mundane stuff like showers and commuting.  They can handle the substantive business.  You can dream up their scenarios while taking care of those everyday tasks.  Take EmotiFigs™ with you in the car.  Put a couple in your purse or backpack.  Optional accessories include bikes, cars, and, of course, full wardrobe lines.

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