7/25/17 So much for a daily blog!

Who was I kidding?  Oh, yeah, me.  A daily blog sounds like a great idea, right?  I mean, how hard could that be? Get up late, do a little yoga (sometimes a very little), shower, eat.  Then do the blog….

While I’ve accepted that I march to the beat of a different drum, I’ve also learned in all these years that there are others who march to similar beats.  I want to share stories, but I don’t like writing.  There.  I’ve said it.  Whew! Load off.  Except I want to share the stories……AND I don’t like writing.  Self-created dilemma. I’m betting I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.

Writing’s not so bad once you get down to it.  Sort of like exercise.  You know it’s good for you and you feel great afterward, just a bear to get yourself there.  So I’m off to the gym!  See ya!


Just kidding.


So why go through these avoidance contortions?  Why the love/hate? Why have the drive to commit stories to paper (well, not paper – maybe screen?) when I don’t want to actually do it?  Beats me.

Today’s story:

Although I have sworn I would never do so, for several boring, but compelling reasons, I found myself shopping at WalMart (AACCKKKK!) with my daughter and grandkids.  We were looking for blackout curtains for my granddaughter’s bedroom.   A WalMart employee was also in the aisle, not straightening things, but shopping for bathroom curtains.  We exchanged some perfunctory greetings when she spied my granddaughter.

“Oh, my,” she exclaimed.  “What a beautiful little girl. She is just a doll.  Just look at those gorgeous curls!  You know, I have a new grandbaby.  My daughter was not supposed to be able to have children, but she did!  Of course, she almost died.  She had a stroke and we didn’t think she’d make it.  But then the LORD GOD stepped in. Every time she improved we just knew that GOD was bringing her back to us.”

If you know me, you’d have been proud.  I didn’t laugh out loud.  I didn’t even laugh noticeably.  As the woman blathered on about how GOD had brought her daughter back, I could see the image of her hospital bed with all the women and men who have dedicated their lives to the study of science and medicine and wondered if those people realize that in this woman’s eyes, they were useless.  The quick work of trained medical personnel brought this young woman back.  That and the young woman herself.

At some point, I turned my back on the woman.  My daughter, always a nicer person than I, continued to listen without comment.  We made our selection and left the woman there.  No confrontations, no challenges, but no amens either.

So just like that, in a seemingly innocuous setting doing mundane shopping, I was presented with the current clash of cultures that’s clawing at our country.  A growing number of citizens relies on facts, proof, science, while a declining but solid number still fundamentally relies on superstition and magic, i.e. religion.

That woman’s beliefs affect me little, nor mine her.  Until we vote.  We all bring our beliefs to the ballot and it’s not a simple matter to keep religion out of politics.  I don’t know how that woman voted in the last presidential election, but I bet her GOD was sitting on her shoulder directing her hand.  As long as one party exploits those superstitious voters to promote their own selfish endeavors, our country will continue this divisive deadlock that ultimately hurts all of us.  How do we end this?  Can we all talk to each other?  Should we try?

Well, so much for a funny, lighthearted story for today.  Maybe tomorrow.



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