Amazing that it’s been weeks since my last post.  But the Arvada house is sold, closed, delivered to the new owner.  That, as any of you who’ve gone through it, is quite the ordeal.  Add to the ordinary closing our need to sort through all of our 30 years of accumulated belongings to decide what to take in the travel trailer (LHoDy, pronounced Loh-dee, Little House on the Driveway), what to put into indefinite storage, and what to toss.  Funny how items that were once so dear become trash…  Maybe someone else will visit Goodwill and find their own treasure from my not so treasured item.

Post closing and days of cleaning, we treated ourselves to a few days at the Golden Hotel.  Well worth the expenditure I’d say.  We drank some wine, ate some really great food at Abejas (thank you, Mary), bought a cute little top (at Baby Doe’s, of course), had a fabulous massage and pedi (at Urban Escape, of course), and generally started recuperating from that recent insanity.

After some frantic rearranging in LHoDy, we were finally able to hit the road on the new adventure on June 1st.  Stayed in Steamboat Springs the first night, 3 nights at Flaming Gorge (another story…), 2 nights in Ogden, UT, then the dash across the rest of Utah and Nevada (ack!!!) to get to CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here we are.  Ah, Napa Valley.  I could definitely live in Calistoga.  Might even be possible…  We will definitely research that.

A couple of days of driving through the redwoods now.  Stunning. Spectacular. Stupendous. Words just look stupid trying to describe them.  Pictures can’t come close to capturing their immensity.  One sample at the Avenue of the Giants visitors center was a slice of a tree that had begun its life in 912 A.D.  How can we begin to comprehend that?  And we get to walk among these ancient beings, standing inside – inside! – some of them, breathing the air they make.  The experience is more than I’d imagined.  We are staying tonight in their midst.  Their quiet and constancy soothe.



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  1. I love your blog! In four weeks you will arrive for your reunion and we will be happy to meet again after so many years.

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